My research is centered on two main themes: 1) controls on the bioconstruction through geological time and reconstitution of carbonate environments, and 2) regional synthesis and basin analysis. The second theme is justified by the necessity of placing the bioconstruction processes in a given tectono-sedimentary setting. Studied processes influencing the bioconstruction are biological (composition of communities, and their mutual influences), and physico-chemical (environmental sedimentology, sea-level fluctuations, environmental geochemistry, early diagenesis, synsedimentary tectonics). Results are applied to petroleum geology, particularly to reservoir characteristics and potential.

Ongoing Projects

Selected Publications

Neuweiler, F., BOURQUE, P.-A. and Boulvain, F. 2001. Why is stromatactis so rare in Mesozoic carbonate mud mounds? Terra Nova, v. 13, p. 338-346.

BOURQUE, P.-A. 2001. Mud-mounds: do they still constitute an enigma? Géologie Méditerranéenne, v. 23, no 1-2, p. 27-32.

In a special issue of the Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology published in Calgary (vol. 49, no. 2, June 2001), Hydrocarbon Plays in the Silurian-Devonian Gaspé Belt, Québec Appalachians (D. Lavoie and P.-A. Bourque, eds.):

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Recent oral presentations

BOURQUE, P.-A., Neuweiler, F. and Boulvain, F. 2004. The Mud-mound System: Products and Processes. 32nd International Geological Congress, Florence, Italy, August 2004, CD-ROM Abstracts (part 2), p. 1079.
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BOURQUE, P.-A. 2002. Reservoir potential in the Southern Gaspé Belt, Québec Appalachians. Can Soc. Pet. Geol., Diamond Jubilee Convention, June 3-7, 2002, Calgary Alberta, CD-ROM Abstracts.
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